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$100 Down Program - Owner Occupied buyers purchasing a HUD home using FHA financing can purchase w/ a $100 down payment. The buyer's lender has to honor this program.


$500 Selling Agent Bonus - Currently not being offered


  • Selling agent can receive a $500 Bonus for selling a HUD home to a buyer using FHA 203(K) financing. ​

  • Agent Bonus Conditions:

  1. An FHA 203(K) loan commitment letter from a lending institution must be received with the signed Sales Contract if the purchase is to be mortgaged.

  2. The words “Broker Bonus” must be written or typed at the top of the signed Sales Contract.

  3. The selling broker must complete and sign the subject HUD Notification.

  4. Settlement must occur for the broker to be eligible for said bonus

  5. This form can be found by clicking on the property at –-> Addendums

    1. Click here to see the form.​

Good Neighbor Next Door Program (GNND)


  1. Only found on HUD site, not on MLS

  2. For fire fighters, police officers, teachers, EMTs

  3. 50% off the purchase price for homes listed under GNND listing period – held as a silent 2nd mortgage at closing

  • GNND Requirements:

  1. Must live in the home for 36 months; after 3 years the silent second is completely written off

  2. Property must be in a labeled revitalization area and coded as a GNND home

  3. Neither buyer nor spouse has owned title to property in the past 24 months

  4. Neither buyer nor spouse has previously participated in GNND 

  5. Must bid 100% of list price, bidding over will disqualify

  6. Must qualify for the full amount prior to discount

  7. Can utilize any type of financing, including cash

  8. EMD is 1% of list price, but not less than $500 or more than $2K

  9. HUD will not pay any closing costs or real estate commissions

"Every home is...

   Someone's perfect pearl."

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