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  • HUD contract forms can be found here

  • When the selling agent is submitting a form, if an error message is seen, click the downloaded form and email it to the address given w/ any supporting documents needed.

Extensions for Contracts  


  • Granted in 15-day increments – all 15 days musts be paid upfront in certified funds or money order.  If the home closes before 15th day, the days not used are credited back on the buyer’s settlement statement.


  • The Fee & Request extension form must be submitted at least 5 days prior to contract expiration.

  1. $1 - $25,000 = $10 per day = $150 Extension fee submitted

  2. $25,001-$50,000 = $15 per day = $225 Extension fee submitted      

  3. $50,001 + = $25 per day = $375 Extension fee submitted



  • All 3 must be included emailed to (1) extension form (2) fees (3) supporting documentation for why extension is needed (i.e. lender letter)



  • For Adding/Removing a purchaser, changing financing, changing closing agents, contract corrections



  • Need 72 hours (3 business days) to process the form – not a quick fix


  • Won’t be executed the day of closing


  • Not remitting amendments on time may result in delayed/rescheduled closings

What Can’t Be Changed

  1. Changing from owner occupant to investor may not be possible, depending on the bidding period of award

  2. The primary buyer cannot be changed

  3. May be able to add an additional buyer

  4. The escrow amount can change, but cannot be used to remove escrow




  • Upon completion, a copy of the form will be emailed to the selling agent at the email address provided, so make sure that the correct email address has been given.  The Completed Form will need to be signed by all Buyers and the Selling Agent, and emailed to: along with all supporting documentation (i.e. home inspection report, loan denial, etc…)


  • If you don't receive the email, check your spam folder

  • The buyer has 15 calendar days to complete a home inspection. Cancellation due to unsatisfactory home inspection findings must be done by the 15th calendar day to get a full refund of the EMD. Cancelling due to home inspection cannot be for any of the reasons listed on the property condition report to receive a refund of the buyer’s EMD.

"Every home is...

   Someone's perfect pearl."

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